FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

· Special measure manufacture
Our own manufacturing process allows us to manufacture tanks and Hot Water systems according to customer design in a very short time period . Contact your nearest dealer and provide a template detailing model, capacity and dimensions…. Within a period of 48 hours we can send you the budget
· About DHW production systems
There are two main systems used to provide hot water :
• Instantaneous water heaters: The water is heated depending on consumption. The water heater heats if there is a requested tiem of consumption. This is the most appropriate for very timely use, reduced number of people at home, etc
• Storage water heaters: The hot water is kept in the tank which is properly isolated for use throughout the day. It is the recommended system when the use and demand for DHW is continuous and at any time of the day. Coballes offers you the best solution in Storage Water Heaters
Hybrids: combinationof both systems
· How to check DHW Continuous production
On each product you can download the technical data sheet, where you could find the thermal characteristics. There are 2 data columns 70ºC (usually boilers) and 50ºC (renewables energies)...Select the appropriate column depending on your heat source . Then select corresponding tank. At the intersection you will see the full power of the coil at required conditions , and maximum DHW heating from 10 ° to 45 ° C assuming the power of your system is at least equal to the coil.
· The advantages of DUPLEX 2205 Stainless Steel
DUPLEX 2205 combines the best properties of each of the stainless steel families which are normally used. DUPLEX 2205 has the following advantages :a.)Very high resistance to general corrosion b.)Excellent resistance to pitting and corrosion by clorides c.)Very good resistance to abrasion