FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

· Where can I get a Coballes tank?
You can purchase our product Coballes distributors and dealers. If you don't know your nearest dealer, contact us, we will be pleased to inform you about those in your area. You can send us an email to contacto@depositoscoballes.com or call us by phone +34 986 609 409.
· Coballes Warranty period
COBALLES is able to offer the most extensive warranty DUE TO The high quality of our products • 10 years warranty for tanks, deposits and vessels • 6 years warranty for hidropneumatic tank DH • 2 years warranty for electrical parts, spare parts and components
· I need Technical support
• If your tank is still in warranty, do not manipulate it or try to fix it. Please contact us • If it`s out of warranty you can contact your plumber/installer or contact us for technical assistance